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Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind. This is the first and greatest commandment. And the second is like it: 'Love your neighbor as yourself.' (Matthew 22:37-39)



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5/19/13 PM The Jerusalem Council -- Part 3 A continuing exposition of Acts 15 and the so-called "Jerusalem Conference" which was, in reality, a polemic confrontation between two opposing views - Were Gentiles to become Christians without becoming Jews first?  Chaos reigns until the Holy Spirit intervenes to save the very young church of Christ from melting back into the Law of Moses. 
5/19/13 AM A Very Stupid Sermon An exposition by example of I Corinthians 1.  The foolishness of preaching is characterized by the "apparent" absurdity of Noah, Moses and Paul.  All three testify to the necessity of water in God's salvation plans in the Patriarchal, Mosaical and Christian ages. 
5/12/13 AM Mother's Day Mother's Day:  An examination of what "honoring your mother" means biblically.  Based primarily upon what Proverbs has to say regarding motherhood and the Ephesians model of the family as the mystery of Christ and His church.
5/5/13 PM The Impossible Conversion of King Nebuchadnezzar An examination of the 4 stages leading to the kings total confession of God's complete sovereignty in the book of Daniel illustrated by 4 stanzas of "None of Self and All of Thee." 
5/5/13 AM Reflections on Fellowship An examination of the dynamics of fellowship within the church as noted in I John 1.  Speaker: Former Latino preacher at Archdale, Julio Garcia (now serving in Sanford, FL), speaking in both English and Spanish.  
4/28/13 PM Satan's "Operation Watch on the Rhine" An exposition of Acts 15.1 - 6 examining the all-out assault on the church of Christ by the very first denomination - "The Party of the Pharisees."  The threat was so serious as to make necessary the first and only conference of the Holy Spirit, the apostles and the elders of the church to make sure that the gospel was not compromised by a return to the Law of Moses.
4/28/13 AM Whose Testimony Is It Anyway? An exposition of John 5.30 - 34 examining the concept of "testimony" in both the Old and the New Testament.  The concept of "giving one's testimony" is a concept totally foreign to Scripture.  Biblical testimony is synonymous with the Logos, the Word of God.
4/21/13 AM Are You Clocked In? An exposition of John 5.14 - 17 examining the intersection of the Work of God and the Christian as these matters are articulated further by Paul in II Corinthians 5.16 - 6.18. 
3/24/13 PM The Jerusalem Council -- Part 2 A continuation of the series in Acts.
3/24/13 AM Worship the King -- Part 5 -- Singing A study of singing in the public worship.
3/17/13 PM Daniel 3 An exposition of Daniel 3.
3/10/13 AM Worship the King -- Part 4 -- Will Worship A study of false worship ("do-it-yourself" or "will" worship).
3/3/13 AM Worship the King -- Part 3 -- Giving A study of giving in the New Testament. Unfortunately, due to technical difficulties, the video recording is not available.
2/24/13 PM The Jerusalem Council -- Part 1 An investigative analysis of how presumptive Jewish cultural tradition nearly divided the church of Christ just as Paul began his mission to the Gentiles. Thesis: Presumption leads to judgment which leads to division.
2/24/13 AM Worship the King -- Part 2 -- Prayer An exposition of Daniel 2.19 -23, Daniel's prayer of thanksgiving upon the occasion of God saving him and his companions from certain death from the hand of King Nebuchadnezzar of Babylon.
2/17/13 AM Worship the King -- Part 1 -- Introduction An introduction to the examination of NT worship as envisioned by Jesus Christ to the Samaritan woman in John 4.19 - 24.
2/10/13 AM Are You an Imaginary Christian? An exposition of Matthew 7.21 - 23 and Colossians 2.8 - 15 exploring just how good, sincere and active people are missing heaven. The question is asked and answered by two questions: "Who is in Christ?" and "How do I get into Christ?" Shockingly, most people "imagine" themselves as Christians when they are not!
2/3/13 AM Normative or Deviant? Application and observations regarding Romans 1.15fl.
1/13/13 AM The Visitation -- The First Temple Cleansing An exposition of John 2.13fl. The first Temple cleansing of Christ and its implication for the 21st century. Which tables is Christ overturning in your life?
12/30/12 AM The Visitation -- An Introduction An exposition of John 1.18. The purpose of the incarnation is the explanation of the mind of God to mankind by the teaching of Jesus Christ.
12/2/12 PM Violence, Imprisonment, Death, & Deliverance An exegesis of Acts12 examining the violence of Herod, the imprisonment of Peter and the physical punishment of Herod. No matter how horrific our circumstances, God is far more powerful than them all!
12/2/12 AM

Synagogue Encounter Synopsis

Exegetical analysis of the destination, audience, message, obstacles faced, results and unique teaching principles found in the 10 most prominent synagogue encounters found in the book of Acts.
11/25/12 PM The King's Job Description and Daniel's Resume An exposition of Daniel 1.1 - 4, examining how the power of God caused the job description of the king to merge perfectly with the resume of Daniel. 1st in a series: Judah in Exile.
11/25/12 AM Synagogue Encounters -- Acts 18 & 19 A chiastic outline of Acts 18.24 -19.7.comparing the evangelistic tactics of Paul and Apollos.
11/18/12 PM God's First Mega Church An exposition of Acts 11.18 - 26. An examination of how the first great congregation of Gentile Christians came to be and how God blessed individual faithfulness, spontaneity, and initiative in spite of what had transpired in the past.
11/11/12 PM Is There Life after Death? An exposition of I Corinthians 15, examining internal and external proofs of the resurrection.
11/11/12 AM Synagogue Encounter at Corinth An exposition of Acts 18.1-11. How Paul reasoned, persuaded, and testified to evangelistic success in Corinth by the power of Christ. See how Paul's focus on the facts broke the false narrative of both Jews and Greeks in Corinth and how it will still work today in "corinthianized" America.
11/4/12 PM God's Remnants An exposition of II Kings 25. God preserves salvation through a murdered governor and an imprisoned king in far-away Babylon.
11/4/12 AM The Synagogue Encounter in Athens An exposition of Acts 17.


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